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Sumber Dana Team Warta Kerja Kontruksi

Sumber dana Team  WARTA Kerja Kontruksi berasal dari :
1.Dari Iuran sukarela anggota;
2.Dari Bantuan Bapak Saifudin Hidayat ;
3.Dari Prosentase hasil usaha/pameran; dan
4.Sumbangan lain yang tidak mengikat Melalui Tunai, ovo ,Tranfer/cek/bg a/n saifudin hidayat bank Bca a/c 2710386920

Daftar Anggota

Saifudin HidayatNur KhofifahAzka B H HMuhaiminLilik Nuril Lailah..............................

Melalui OVO
Ilustrasi Sumber dana


Tips Merawat Lift Barang Agar Tidak Mengalami Kerusakan

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The existence of a freight elevator / cargo elevator is very important for a company. If only one freight elevator is damaged, how many losses have been incurred by the company. Even though it has actually used the elevator for the best product, still if it is used carelessly and not supported by good maintenance, the length of the elevator will experience a decline in function until it is seriously damaged.

Surely you also don't want to lose big due to a technical error? Therefore, from now on try to take care of your freight elevator and use it properly, which is in accordance with the recommendations. Because the loss of the production process that you will bear will not include the price of repairs and so forth.

Very confusing, right? So, there's nothing wrong with it, if from now on you have to take care of and use the freight elevator properly. And, here will be given a few tips on this matter.

The first thing to do is, you need to know what the maximum …